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Sony TA-3650 drastic cleaning measures.

March 22, 2020 By 1 Comment

Because this amplifier was so filthy with tobacco filth and dust, a more drastic clean was required. This cleaning technique is only done on equipment that can …



1 Comment on "Sony TA-3650 drastic cleaning measures."

  1. capriracer351
    March 22, 2020 Reply

    I do this at work with our electroplating rectifiers on occasion. Soak it down with Simple Green, hose it off thoroughly with deionized water, blow as much water off as possibly with compressed air, then bake it in our powder coat oven set at about 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

    They get filled with the conductive salts that surround the electroplating process and will eventually flash over if this is not done periodically (the input power is 480 volts, Three phase). Since I started doing this, the life of these rectifiers have increased at least three fold. Every time I do one, some genius has to come over and make the comment  "I thought water and electricity didn't mix". To which I reply "Do you see any electricity connected to this?" The brainiac usually walks away and leaves me alone at that point.

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