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Sansui A-1200R Stereo Amp

May 18, 2020 By 2 Comments

This is the second highest model from those 80’s Sansui “super compo” amps,all looks ugly with those plastic sliders.the low end models only have STK module for their power amp section,the higher ones have discrete output transistors and STK as the driver.this model also have a nice, big toroid transfomer,which is nice for such a cheap amp from a cheap rack system.other features are a lot of line level inputs,4 ones and phono ofcourse.the left LED power meter in my model have isn’t working correctly,”thanks” to some obscure IC transistor that drives them that is unobtonium today.and after all this,how it sounds? Pretty good,actually,clean,bright sound with tight bass.

Nguồn: https://asqnet.org

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2 Comments on "Sansui A-1200R Stereo Amp"

  1. dan cat
    May 18, 2020 Reply

    Where does that replacement ic go? I have one of these amps and the led meters dont work. I would like to fix it

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