Karaoke amplfier, Audio2000 akj7003 AKJ 7003 mixing amp, karaoke mixer karaoke amp

March 26, 2020 By 0 Comments

Audio2000 akj 7003 karaoke amp / karaoke mixer / karaoke amplifier. This is the first level within the audio2000 amplifier line. Simply an entry level mixing amplifier that retails for $299. Built in key control for the singers. Independent controls for your karaoke microphones. When you consider that we sell amplifiers that are as high as $1,300.00. Buying this 2 channel karaoke amplifier for under $299 give you a solid entry level place within the karaoke world. WHY do we mention these things? Because many people would rather boast that everything they sell is the next best thing. We simply tell you what you NEED to hear, not what many others want you to hear. Be sure to check out the side by side comparison videos of other amplifier. ALSO note that we have noticed something about different cheaper amplifiers such as this and they simply have a slightly higher electronic noise when it sits idol. (Meaning you can hear a little more buzz in the system) No one wants to admit this except us. (And YES, when someone else does mention it, most likely in reaction to us always being the first to be honest with people). We like this amplifier for home & entry level professional. Have sold many of them thus far in recent years. When we spoke to the manufacturer and expressed what we thought of the amp, they concurred with us that it simply is a great starter karaoke amplifier. REMEMBER: As you go up in price, you get better for your money. This is an amplifier that is built for the TIGHT budget! Do not be embarrassed in having to stay within a certain price range. Yet make no mistake about it, nothing changes the fact that $299 does not buy you much and you get what you pay for. Hope that made sense. By the way, the 7002 series is better and worth the few extra dollars. & to those that can afford to spend more. The please do yourself the favor and consider pushing further. Never forget, we can design systems that are easily in the tens of thousands.