Japanese Cheesecake |Banh Bong Lan Pho Mai|

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Japanese Cheesecake

Heavy cream – 90 ml
Butter – half stick 56 gr
Cream cheese – 226 gr
Egg yolks – 7 large
Cake flour – 60 gr
Corn starch – 10 gr
Vanilla extract – 2 tsp
Lemon extract – 1/2 tsp

1. Combine heavy cream, butter, and cream cheese and mix on medium low heat until creamy and no visible clumps seen. The mixture needs continuous stirring to avoid boiling/burnt. Some steam is ok. Just needs to be warm enough to melt the butter and cream cheese.
2. Now sift in the flour and mix until creamy and completely incorporated, no visible clumps.
3. Add egg yolks, mix slowly, avoid generating too many air bubbles. This batter needs to be completely smooth and silky.
4. Add the vanilla extract and optional lemon extract.
5. Run it through a sift.
6. Fold in whipped meringue, see video for how to fold in the egg whites.

Egg whites – 7 large
Confectioners sugar – 150 gr
Cream of tartar – 1/8 tsp

# 2 x 1 min, stop mixer, add cream of tartar
# 4 x 2 min, stop, add 1/3 sugar
# 6 x 30 secs, stop, add 1/3 sugar
# 6 x 30 secs, stop, add last 1/3 sugar
# 6 x 1 min and 30 secs
Total mixing time is 5 minutes and 30 secs
Can mix for total of 6 minutes if soft peak not achieved

1. Prepare baking pan lined with wax paper, sides and bottom
2. Pour in batter, wrap pan to remove large bubbles and smooth out the surface
3. Bake in 1 1/2 inch boiling water bath at 385 F x 20 minutes, then reduce temp to 280 F x 50-60 minutes
4. Leave in oven x 30 minutes
5. Remove water bath but leave cake pan for another 15 minutes
6. Remove from cake pan
7. May serve warm but best overnight after refrigerated

Tips to avoid sunken cake or cracked tops
1. Chilled egg whites are helpful in preventing stiff peaks
2. Meringue should be between soft and firm peak, see video for consistency
3. Butter and cream cheese should be at room temp and spreadable.
4. Cream cheese batter should be silky, smooth, and minimal air bubbles prior to adding in the whipped egg whites
5. Fold in egg white a third at a time, see video
6. Make sure the final batter is foamy and not watered down
7. Too much heat from the top source will lead to cracked tips
8. Too little heat from the bottom source will lead to sunken cakes, must test out placement of the rack depending on your oven. Start with middle rack.
9. Cooling down process is crucial. Do not skip.

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