David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession

May 20, 2020 By 23 Comments

David Beckham talks about the keepsake he kept from first meeting his wife of 20 years, Victoria Beckham, and reacts to getting trolled for his Lego obsession.

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David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession


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23 Comments on "David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession"

  1. Lukas Stokseth
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    COVID 19 BTW

  2. hashmo101
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    This interview is sponsored by Lego

  3. MaGaMeGa
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    who came to check his hair?

  4. Egemen
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    He's voice like fucking with helium

  5. Aditya rai
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    wtf Jimmy's hair??

  6. Kevin
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    So it went back to his Man United days? Now I'm even more proud to be a Man United fan.

  7. Karen Hicks
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    I love you both I love you and your wife great family man and husband your wife fantastic mother and wife I think you both are amazing people iam proud of you both respect honesty and real people 21 years god bless you both thank you for your stories xx 😘

  8. emma
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    I’m not into men over 30 but david is a exception

  9. jwjvv ywjvv
    May 20, 2020 Reply


  10. Christine Robles
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    kakakilig naman 😍😍😍

  11. kb be
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    his voice does not match his look

  12. Fabricio Crotone
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    Great person

  13. Tommo Hughes
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    David is one annoying idiot

  14. JeSIN Sng
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    she look like shane filan westlife lol

    May 20, 2020 Reply

    He and his wife are now seen as a vile coupe. Shallow.

  16. Soham Das
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    So what does the hottest man in the world do.

    Legos 😂

  17. Keren Nputu
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    Lego is British it was invented buy a British company kiddcraft
    I hate how Americans say legos 🙄🙄

  18. kat mckenzie
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    Makes total sense Brooklyn seems very affectionate and loving to his current girlfriend.

  19. Sara Khan
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    I hope David's quarantine is going good with this new 7000 piece challenge xD

  20. control-SEVEN [ctrl7]
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    Reason Kate and Harry off the grid

  21. Jos Schoenmaker
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    LEGO, not LEGO’s ...

  22. MaryAnn Russum
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    Victoria is one lucky lady... She's a doll too though. They are such a cute couple.

  23. Shir ben bassat
    May 20, 2020 Reply

    Best quarantine gift ever

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