Ali Garoutte: X Gym Trainer since October 2016

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Ali Garoutte

Hometown: Bend, Oregon
Personal Training Certification: American Council on Exercise
How long have you worked at X Gym? Since October 2016.

Why do you love training clients? The most rewarding part of training clients is having the ability to help someone turn their entire day around and make progress towards their goals. A lot of the time I have clients come in who are having an off day, or are just down in the dumps; it is amazing to see them be able to leave their workout feeling like a brand new person, with a new lookout on the day. With our workouts only being 21 minutes, I am able to work with so many more of our incredible clients in a day, and am always inspired and motivated by the progress our clients make within these 21-minute sessions.

Why did you choose to work for X Gym? My first experience with X Gym was actually as a member. I went through about a month and a half of consistent workouts twice a week, which let me tell you was no joke! While maintaining workouts twice a week and taking in nutritional advice from my trainers, I was blown away by how fast I saw results. I felt stronger, had more energy, and confidence all within a couple of weeks at X Gym. I chose to become a trainer here because I fully believe in what we do at X Gym and wanted to be able to help others achieve the same results I had experienced. One of my favorite parts of working at X Gym is being able to watch clients transform mentally, emotionally, and physically in such a short period of time right before my eyes. We are truly a family here and the support of others while working toward their goals is undeniable.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: When I am not training clients I am actually training as a dancer! I grew up in Bend, Oregon and have been dancing since the age of 8. My background in dance has allowed me to branch into the fitness industry and I love how the two coincide so well together. Currently, I train about 15 hours a week, with the goal of becoming a professional working dancer in the industry. I have trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, lyrical, and hip-hop. Other things I love to do are hiking, wake surfing, kick boxing, and traveling.

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